Aquapark – Hajdúszoboszló

Keeping in mind the pleasures of family water entertainment, Hajdúszoboszló Spa Rt.. 2000-built the first sliding paradise on the beach in Hungary.

The necessary items were ordered from Spain. The Aquapark has been open to visitors since June, and gained enormous popularity among both domestic and foreign guests.

Because “Super good” – so they all reacted, as if they had agreed, young people and eternal men insatiable by a special experience in the research of the spontaneous public opinion of the writer of these lines.

A 12 Starting from a meter high launch tower, lovers of the big splash can choose from nine different tracks. There is a four-lane giant, two types of kamikaze, giant screw slide, “black hole”, and “crazy river”. On the latter only with extra floating tires “we can travel”.


The little things are the buzz of the coastal world, lifelike elephants standing in the pool, two children's slides, and a wooden playground!

The slide park is located on one hectare at the back of the beach, lovers can exchange tickets for two hours or all day.

Because the capacity of the Aquapark proved to be small in the first two years; therefore, in 2002, it doubled its area, and 3 a new slide element was built (Niagara, big hole, twister), thus, the total length of the slides exceeds 1 km-t.

Who is tired of sliding in the drifting river or 3 you can relax in the new beach pool (adult, child and baby pool) A water castle awaits the little ones in the baby pool.

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