House rule

Please read the policy carefully and comply with its provisions, so that everyone can enjoy their rest undisturbed!

We are working on it, so that you can feel comfortable with them during your vacation. We will do everything we can to make it happen, so that no circumstances disturb their peace. If, despite our efforts, any disturbing factor is detected, which they are not satisfied with, please, contact us immediately on any of the numbers provided.

ARRIVAL (14 from)

  • Familiarize yourself with the location after booking your apartment, with the furnishings and tools. Please use them as intended, their integrity, maintain their functionality and cleanliness in that condition, as received. (If they find an error in anything, notify immediately!)
  • The accommodation can only be taken over by the pre-agreed number of people and at the time.


  • Smoking inside the apartment is strictly prohibited!
  • We respectfully ask our guests to smoke, that articles are not scattered on the balcony and around the apartment building in order to maintain cleanliness, but those in an ashtray, and then collect them and place them in the trash cans.


  • Please, to keep the apartment clean and use the cleaning tools available here!
  • Please wash used dishes thoroughly before putting them in the cupboard, dirty, do not fall back into place greasy!
  • Take care of that, so that toilets and drains are not blocked! Only paper can be thrown into the toilet! Everything else, which is used in the restroom, please throw it in the trash can placed there!
  • Please note, that our apartment is located in an apartment building, in which all permanent and temporary residents take extra care to preserve peace. Please in the evening 10 don't make noise after class, do not listen to music on the balcony!
  • The furniture can only be rearranged with the consent of the owner!
  • We ask you, so that insects do not spread on the wall surface.


  • Our guests keep the rooms clean, cleaned and taken over, if there is a problem with cleanliness, please let us know, we do not accept subsequent complaints. We do not clean during your stay, only on special request, for a fee.
  • For stays longer than one week, we provide the change of towels and bed linen and cleaning.


  • In the event of any malfunction or accident, notify the owners immediately!
  • Do not leave small children on the balcony without adult supervision!
  • Please make sure of it when you leave the room, that climate, lights are off, and the water taps are closed.

GETAWAY (10 until)

  • Upon departure, the apartment must be handed over in order and complete! The operator of the apartment has the right to inspect the apartment immediately before departure. If then, or increased pollution during cleaning after departure, vandalism, there would be a lack of anything, then the operator is entitled to record the report, to estimate the value of the damage or shortage, and based on this, the guest is obliged to reimburse it on the spot or afterwards.
  • In case of early departure of the booked date, the accommodation fee will not be refunded.

ATTENTION! Occupying the apartment also means accepting the HOUSE RULES. Failure to read it does not exempt you from non-compliance.

Thank you for your cooperation!

We wish, to have many pleasant experiences during their stay here!

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